Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Nameless, Faceless”

Leave it to Courtney Barnett to nearly find a way to empathize with vile internet trolls while also cutting them off at the knees. That kind of dualism is central to the first single from her forthcoming album Tell Me How You Really Feel. The jangling grunge pop track “Nameless, Faceless” bluntly makes it known that the… Continue reading Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Nameless, Faceless”


In Revue: MIKE- ‘resistance man’

By almost any metric, the latest dispatch from NYC rapper MIKE is exceedingly modest. He only brings on two guests for resistance man and neither make any point of showing Michael Jordan Bonema up. The teenager’s new EP runs a mere 12 minutes and 40 seconds and the first two of those are dedicated to psychedelic rewinding and… Continue reading In Revue: MIKE- ‘resistance man’

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Top Tracks: Frank Ocean- “Moon River” [Cover]

Frank Ocean tryna keep everyone quietly crying in bed the rest of this week? Because, effectually, that’s what his sparse but lushly rendered take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s heart-rending tune does when you hear it. His initial mechanized vocal fluttering starts the chill up your spine while the half-muted guitar chords and rising string section ensure said… Continue reading Top Tracks: Frank Ocean- “Moon River” [Cover]


Santi Suede- “Doomed”

How to pin it down? The work of the Philly-based Santi Suede is a boozy blend of ragged Animal Collective, warbly Bright Eyes and gleefully mischievous Mac DeMarco but that still doesn’t entirely describe it. There’s some background vocal manipulation that could generously be compared to what Frank Ocean was up to on blond and gallows humor… Continue reading Santi Suede- “Doomed”


Danny L Harle- “Blue Angel” ft. Clairo

Picking a favorite or “best” member of the PC Music crew is sort of futile and inane and pointless so I’ll just say that Danny L Harle’s work for the forward-thinking collective is frequently dazzling and that his new collabo with indie pop singer Clairo is no different. The 19-year-old burgeoning artist fits in splendidly… Continue reading Danny L Harle- “Blue Angel” ft. Clairo


Kingsley Bucknor- “Just U and Me”

Kingsley Bucknor earned his keep playing with the legendary Nigerian bandleader Fela Kuti in the 1970s but, despite a pair of his own Afrobeat records and a 1985 release of forward-thinking electrofunk, success evaded the Kuti disciple. Just U and Me is the latter of these unfairly unheralded Bucknor records. Recorded in London and released… Continue reading Kingsley Bucknor- “Just U and Me”