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Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos

More of this please. More of Gucci and the Migos crew trading bars over an unsettlingly minor key beat that scans as a trap re-interpolation of a horror soundtrack. More of Gucci saying he needs to go to rehab because “I’m addicted to cash.” More talk of brain “good enough to graduate.” More of Migos… Continue reading Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos


Justin Bieber- “Friends”

Justin Bieber canceled the remainder of the 2017 dates for his “Purpose World Tour” but that isn’t stopping the Beebs at all from putting out new music. In this case, it’s the dance heavy and vaguely house-influenced pop track “Friends.” Bloodpop, one of the go-to commercial dance pop producers, crafted “Friends” and it’s big on… Continue reading Justin Bieber- “Friends”

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Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Appointments”

Julien Baker’s 2015 debut,┬áSprained Ankle, stands as one of the more moving and emotionally open records of the past few years. While punctuated with a wry sense of humor (that comes out even more live), Baker told tales of depression and sang “songs about death” that shook the Memphis singer so much she would even… Continue reading Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Appointments”