Dr. Dundiff- “Nobody Likes Beats”

Office-sampling, joke heavy intros aside, Dr. Dundiff’s beat making abilities are no laughing matter. As the first track off of his forthcoming¬†Muneybeats¬†record shows, the Louisville, Kentucky native is more than adept behind the boards. Summarily, “Nobody Likes Beats” calls to mind what would happen if the earliest strains of 1990s g-funk found their way into… Continue reading Dr. Dundiff- “Nobody Likes Beats”


Leonardo Martelli- “Alice”

That electronic artist Leonardo Martelli would name his latest cut “Alice” is pitch-perfect. The music Martelli works in here does indeed represent a sonic wonderland. There are chopped and screwed, down-shifted vocals that will leave listeners in a daze while the overhanging synth work dazzles. Hearing this song feels like being spun around in a… Continue reading Leonardo Martelli- “Alice”


Zaytoven- “Five Guys” ft. Young Thug & Migos

Hip hop producers such as Zaytoven have been producing dope beats well before folk like Migos, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Peewee Longway, Future and Rich Homie Quan were even stepping to the microphone to spit for the first time. So the past two years or so, when Atlanta’s become the nearly unquestionable epicenter of… Continue reading Zaytoven- “Five Guys” ft. Young Thug & Migos


Crayon- “Faith” ft. Stanislas Blu & Gracy Hopkins

There’s a lot going on with this one. For starters, it feels like a hybrid of Frank Ocean and Jai Paul with flecks of James Blake on top. Which means that it’s equal parts soulful, robotic and active. The Parisian artist’s latest single reconsiders and doubles back on ideas in real time. Guitars will ripple… Continue reading Crayon- “Faith” ft. Stanislas Blu & Gracy Hopkins


Lily Juniper- “Glide”

Lily Juniper’s electronic soul pop track “Glide” hinges on a promise of escape. The entirety of the minimalist, string-treated tune is about running away with someone else and getting as far away as you can “get to.” Which is impossible not to romanticize. That’s the stuff of countless fairy tales and romcoms. But there’s something… Continue reading Lily Juniper- “Glide”

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Top Tracks: AAAA- “Another Day in the Dome”

This. This right here. This song. It should be soundtracking the future. It should be playing as a particularly reflective montage from a film set in 2120 rolls. It’s a song that Mexico City producer AAAA has imbued with unmistakable emotion and clear foresight. “Another Day in the Dome” feels like it’s ruing a present… Continue reading Top Tracks: AAAA- “Another Day in the Dome”