Who us?

We know that blogs are ubiquitous now. You as a reader prolly have one. At least one of your family members has one. Hell, if you a dog mom or cat dad, your pet prolly has one. So what’s one more blog in your life? Especially a blog such as this, dedicated to bring you the newest in new, and a bit of the old too (because everyone loves a trip down memory lane).

This blog is effectively the 2.0 version of what was previously a blogspot account. The content on there that isn’t time sensitive is still worth a read, and the best of it will appear here, but consider this all your one-stop shop.

Each day you can expect track reviews, along with the top news of the day. Each Monday and Friday there will be album reviews. Sprinkled throughout, look for interviews, lists (every millennial’s favorite), think-pieces and editorials. Basically, there will always be something happening here.