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Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Turn Out the Lights”

More than anyone else going right now, Julien Baker’s quietly strummed and passionately sung guitar music is the most capable of reducing a person to a blubbering mess before the first chorus even ends. So adept is she at this specific and much-needed craft that it’s increasingly hard to even find a counterpoint to argue.… Continue reading Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Turn Out the Lights”

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Top Tracks: Gray- “Paypal Interlude”

Sing-mumbling shouldn’t be this warm and melodic and wonderful but that’s the deft trick that south London rapper Gray executes on his minor-key jam “Paypal Interlude.” The preternaturally talented member of the Badside Crew rarely gets above a whisper on the muted trap-influenced production. He intentionally smears certain phrases over one another but none of… Continue reading Top Tracks: Gray- “Paypal Interlude”


Antwon- “94s” ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal [Prod. Fish Narc]

The first words on Antwon’s sun-damaged, woozy joint “94s” are the San Jose rapper saying “I’m a popstar.” But dude’s quasi-ode to sneakerheads is almost anything but a bid for Billboard dominance. It’s a willfully weird, occasionally brash effort that allows Antwon to fondly recall formative past events while attempting to contextualize the present. All… Continue reading Antwon- “94s” ft. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal [Prod. Fish Narc]