Lolina- “A Path Of Weeds And Flowers”

The Smoke, Inga Copeland’s latest dispatch under the Lolina moniker, casually recalls PJ Harvey’s phantasmagoric White Chalk but with rickety electronics and a slightly wry smile. There are moments of harsh keyboard blaring, for certain, but Copeland’s just as content to work in bleeting synths and chirruping sound effects. Imagine a shiny thumbtack smuggled into a piece… Continue reading Lolina- “A Path Of Weeds And Flowers”


Kygo- “Remind Me to Forget” ft. Miguel

As “Remind Me to Forget” makes abundantly clear, Kygo knows damn well how to frame Miguel’s tenderous vocals. Wisely, the Norwegian producer doesn’t start with the synth melodies and percussive rhythms turned to 11. He initially relishes the quiet and lets one of the great R&B singers we have going stretch out. Miguel crooning about… Continue reading Kygo- “Remind Me to Forget” ft. Miguel


Tamino- “Habibi”

Tamino’s echoing, dreamy debut single “Habibi” initially dropped in October 2017 but the 21-year-old Belgian-Egyptian artist is gearing up for the release of his debut EP in May so, thankfully, it’s been re-released for a reappraisal. Per DIY, Tamino readily cites distinctive voices such as Jeff Buckley and Tom Waits as influences. And though he doesn’t have… Continue reading Tamino- “Habibi”

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Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Need a Little Time”

Courtney Barnett might well be the best rock guitarist and rock lyricist we have going. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure who else could credibly compete for both of those titles. John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats is an impeccable writer, narrative-driven and impressionistic in equal measure, but his guitar playing (as ferocious… Continue reading Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Need a Little Time”

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Top Tracks: Ross From Friends- “John Cage”

After an earlier stretch of catching constant flack for being hokey and totally unserious, Ross From Friends (along with quasi compatriot DJ Seinfeld) has successfully transitioned from microgenre curiosity to undeniably talented house producer. His recent signing to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder certainly helps shore up credit but also there’s no longer a need to qualify… Continue reading Top Tracks: Ross From Friends- “John Cage”