In Revue: Hannah Diamond- ‘Soon I won’t see you at all’

When PC Music was first ascending the ranks of music blog stardom in 2014, it felt unsustainable. So much of the label’s music, pitch-shifted to near incoherence and bubblegummy enough to instantly rot your teeth, seemed like it was created in a lab to deliberately annoy large swathes of the music-listening public. “Aggravating” and “artless”… Continue reading In Revue: Hannah Diamond- ‘Soon I won’t see you at all’


N.E.R.D.- “Don’t Do It” ft. Kendrick Lamar

In the run-up to its fifth album (and first in seven years), N.E.R.D. has been unleashing nothing but absolute heat so far. “Lemon” is still out here wrecking sound systems and steadily dominating commercial airwaves everywhere. The Future team-up, “1000,” has lost exactly zero of the hedonistic “arcade frenzy” that made that single so damned… Continue reading N.E.R.D.- “Don’t Do It” ft. Kendrick Lamar

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Top Tracks: Left/Right- “Control”

Listening to enigmatic producer Left/Right’s “Control,” there’s a sense that if the song stretched out even further it would continue to shift and move and evolve. The work that the Dallas-based artist gives us is a dubstep-indebted track where motion is the constant. From the word go, it feels as though Left/Right’s Burial by way… Continue reading Top Tracks: Left/Right- “Control”


Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake- “The Priest”

Johnny Marr, he of Smiths and Modest Mouse and Pretenders fame, is a guitar wizard. “Magical” is perhaps the only way to describe the jangle he’s capable of creating with his guitar and the delicate webs of riffs he weaves. As with any great musician, his is a style you’ll recognize almost immediately. Although perhaps… Continue reading Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake- “The Priest”