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Top Tracks: Snail Mail- “Pristine”

Knowing everything about any thing is almost impossible. There will almost always be a record by a prolific artist you forgot, a star-cluster not taken into account or an economic concept that’s wholly alien. In the case of people, we’ll never fully know their inner machinations. They can tell you, directly, what they’re thinking and… Continue reading Top Tracks: Snail Mail- “Pristine”

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Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Need a Little Time”

Courtney Barnett might well be the best rock guitarist and rock lyricist we have going. And, to be honest, I’m not even sure who else could credibly compete for both of those titles. John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats is an impeccable writer, narrative-driven and impressionistic in equal measure, but his guitar playing (as ferocious… Continue reading Top Tracks: Courtney Barnett- “Need a Little Time”

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Top Tracks: Ross From Friends- “John Cage”

After an earlier stretch of catching constant flack for being hokey and totally unserious, Ross From Friends (along with quasi compatriot DJ Seinfeld) has successfully transitioned from microgenre curiosity to undeniably talented house producer. His recent signing to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder certainly helps shore up credit but also there’s no longer a need to qualify… Continue reading Top Tracks: Ross From Friends- “John Cage”

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Top Tracks: Hi & Saberhägen- “Loveless”

Before the cryptic vocals on Hi & Saberhägen’s insular eight-minute house epic begin, “Loveless” is a damn beguiling track. The initial percussion is about as easy to spot as a dying star in the night. Crackles all throughout the mix make this one sound like it had been found in a vault below the hallowed dance… Continue reading Top Tracks: Hi & Saberhägen- “Loveless”

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Top Tracks: serpentwithfeet- “bless ur heart”

Josiah Wise’s voice is of such an expressive variety that it rarely needs words to explain itself. The way that gossamer-like voice soars and quivers over ornate chamber pop backings presents a self-contained language. Wise’s writing for his songs as serpentwithfeet is nothing to slough off however. These are songs about intensely felt and lived… Continue reading Top Tracks: serpentwithfeet- “bless ur heart”

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Top Tracks: Grouper- “Parking Lot”

A static-laden image is sort of the perfect thing to accompany Liz Harris’ work as Grouper. The ambient folk auteur’s work is alternatively cold with distance but warm with emotion. Parts of it are reminiscent of a memory off in the distant past while the whole is alien to whoever’s listening or watching. The fields… Continue reading Top Tracks: Grouper- “Parking Lot”

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Top Tracks: Anderson .Paak- “‘Til It’s Over”

Anderson .Paak’s sun-soaked jams have always carefully toed the line between backpack-indebted rap and wistful R&B stylings. “‘Til It’s Over,” his first new single since dropping Yes Lawd! with Knxwledge in 2016, firmly rests on the R&B side of the fence as .Paak opts to sing in the slightly grainy voice of his about the kind… Continue reading Top Tracks: Anderson .Paak- “‘Til It’s Over”