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Top Tracks: AAAA- “Another Day in the Dome”

This. This right here. This song. It should be soundtracking the future. It should be playing as a particularly reflective montage from a film set in 2120 rolls. It’s a song that Mexico City producer AAAA has imbued with unmistakable emotion and clear foresight. “Another Day in the Dome” feels like it’s ruing a present… Continue reading Top Tracks: AAAA- “Another Day in the Dome”

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Top Tracks: Left/Right- “Control”

Listening to enigmatic producer Left/Right’s “Control,” there’s a sense that if the song stretched out even further it would continue to shift and move and evolve. The work that the Dallas-based artist gives us is a dubstep-indebted track where motion is the constant. From the word go, it feels as though Left/Right’s Burial by way… Continue reading Top Tracks: Left/Right- “Control”

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Top Tracks: Bleach Baby- “This Is For You”

Let’s start with the biographical deets on dance music project Bleach Baby: There aren’t really any. Now that that’s out of the way, onto to the project’s debut single. The sound of “This Is For You” is massive. It’s colossal. It’s gigantic. It’s whatever adjective you want to use to describe something almost impossibly large.… Continue reading Top Tracks: Bleach Baby- “This Is For You”

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Top Tracks: Jlin- “ICU”

Jlin is good at making music. I almost feel like stopping at that because attempting to capture the vital, urgent, relentlessly forward-thinking feeling of her music does her a tremendous disservice. Like a lot of other masters of form, her footwork/IDM efforts succeed because of intangible qualities. The hypnotic sleekness of her Adult Swim Single… Continue reading Top Tracks: Jlin- “ICU”

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Top Tracks: N.E.R.D- “1000” ft. Future

N.E.R.D can’t be accused of failing to bring the heat with its reintroduction to the music world. As the gloriously swaggering first single “Lemon” showed,┬áChad Hugo, Shay Haley, Pharrell Williams have zero interest in subtlety for their first record since 2010’s┬áNothing. And that continues with Future team-up “1000.” The song starts off sounding like a… Continue reading Top Tracks: N.E.R.D- “1000” ft. Future

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Top Tracks: Kelly Lee Owens- “Spaces”

Some of Welsh electronic producer Kelly Lee Owens’ greatest work to date has been described as “dreamy.” That’s an understandable description when you consider how often her work has this hazy, spacious quality to it and frequently her work veers toward the ambient. But that adjective is a bit too passive at times to describe… Continue reading Top Tracks: Kelly Lee Owens- “Spaces”