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Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos

More of this please. More of Gucci and the Migos crew trading bars over an unsettlingly minor key beat that scans as a trap re-interpolation of a horror soundtrack. More of Gucci saying he needs to go to rehab because “I’m addicted to cash.” More talk of brain “good enough to graduate.” More of Migos… Continue reading Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos

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Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Appointments”

Julien Baker’s 2015 debut,¬†Sprained Ankle, stands as one of the more moving and emotionally open records of the past few years. While punctuated with a wry sense of humor (that comes out even more live), Baker told tales of depression and sang “songs about death” that shook the Memphis singer so much she would even… Continue reading Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Appointments”

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LCD Soundsystem- “tonite”

It might sound a bit unfair but this entire LCD Soundsystem reunion and new album release wasn’t gonna matter at all if the band didn’t bring the goods. Not that “Call the Police” and “American Dream” don’t goooooo, they absolutely do. “Call the Police” has gotten comps to the grandiose and life-affirming “All My Friends”… Continue reading LCD Soundsystem- “tonite”

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Top Tracks: The National- “Carin at the Liquor Store”

The National aren’t the indie rock band crafting songs that will obliterate your emotions and make you cry in seconds flat. That’s not their style. Theirs has always been a slow and subtle emotional devastation. Little by little things will stack up until you’re totally overwhelmed. In the case of new single “Carin at the… Continue reading Top Tracks: The National- “Carin at the Liquor Store”

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Top Tracks: Destroyer- “Sky’s Grey”

Only an immensely talented lyricist such as Destroyer’s Dan Bejar could craft a chorus that repeats “I’ve been workin’ on the new¬†Oliver Twist” and have listeners firmly believe it’s a line of great heft and richness. It’s a reputation Bejar’s earned over 10 studio albums of work that’s woven together dread-filled romanticism, love of rock… Continue reading Top Tracks: Destroyer- “Sky’s Grey”

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Top Tracks: Randy Newman- “Wandering Boy”

It’s always remarkable when Randy Newman’s work takes a turn toward the sincere and deeply heartfelt. In the popular music canon, few are as skilled at cutting folks down to size with cynicism and rapier wit as the Grammy, Oscar and Emmy winner. Of course this isn’t new. Even before he was soundtracking Buzz and… Continue reading Top Tracks: Randy Newman- “Wandering Boy”