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Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Turn Out the Lights”

More than anyone else going right now, Julien Baker’s quietly strummed and passionately sung guitar music is the most capable of reducing a person to a blubbering mess before the first chorus even ends. So adept is she at this specific and much-needed craft that it’s increasingly hard to even find a counterpoint to argue.… Continue reading Top Tracks: Julien Baker- “Turn Out the Lights”

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Top Tracks: Gray- “Paypal Interlude”

Sing-mumbling shouldn’t be this warm and melodic and wonderful but that’s the deft trick that south London rapper Gray executes on his minor-key jam “Paypal Interlude.” The preternaturally talented member of the Badside Crew rarely gets above a whisper on the muted trap-influenced production. He intentionally smears certain phrases over one another but none of… Continue reading Top Tracks: Gray- “Paypal Interlude”

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Top Tracks: Louke Man- “Creepin”

Louke Man’s Memphis rap-indebted house track “Creepin” captures a hyper-specific moment from a night out of living life to the fullest. With his redolent piano keys and insistent electro pulse Louke Man teases that moment, well past midnight, when the spiral seems to be unwinding ever so slightly. Everything hasn’t gone to shit, so the… Continue reading Top Tracks: Louke Man- “Creepin”

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Top Tracks: Forest Swords- “Congregate”

“Atmospheric” can be a stupid descriptor for music because it basically becomes a lazy shorthand to describe something that is vaguely dark or mysterious or inscrutable. It’s not markedly difficult from calling something “noirish” which isn’t helpful either. But “atmospheric” is apt for the music Forest Swords makes because so often it totally envelops the… Continue reading Top Tracks: Forest Swords- “Congregate”

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Top Tracks: Kamasi Washington- “Desire”

Cosmic jazz musician Kamasi Washington is finally following up his Spartan, three-hour 2015 LP, The Epic, this Friday (Sept. 29) with an EP of all new music. Entitled Harmony of Difference, the record includes five original compositions and a six (called “Truth”) that reconstitutes the previous five tracks into something wholly new. One of the five tracks, “Desire,”… Continue reading Top Tracks: Kamasi Washington- “Desire”