Kacey Musgraves- “High Horse”

Yes country music heroine Kacey Musgraves has made a disco pop song. Reckon with the relative oddity of that sentence for a second or two and then move on because “High Horse” could work with numerous genre backings. With a lithe bassline and steadily thumping drums, Musgraves spins a yard about a total fucking buzzkill… Continue reading Kacey Musgraves- “High Horse”

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Top Tracks: Snail Mail- “Pristine”

Knowing everything about any thing is almost impossible. There will almost always be a record by a prolific artist you forgot, a star-cluster not taken into account or an economic concept that’s wholly alien. In the case of people, we’ll never fully know their inner machinations. They can tell you, directly, what they’re thinking and… Continue reading Top Tracks: Snail Mail- “Pristine”


Björk- “Arisen My Senses” [Kelly Lee Owens Remix]

Kelly Lee Owens already had the artistic “audacity” to successfully rework Aaliyah’s “More Than a Woman” in late-2017 so it should come as no surprise that the Welsh producer would append her stellar artistry to Björk’s work. Even still, it’s genuinely thrilling to hear how Owens reframes the lovestruck dreaminess of Utopia’s “Arisen My Senses.” Where the… Continue reading Björk- “Arisen My Senses” [Kelly Lee Owens Remix]


Benny Bridges- “Feeling Better”

Benny Bridges got his most shine, to date, last week when he and Justin Jay audaciously remixed the iconic Rolling Stones track “Gimme Shelter.” And then, less than seven days later, Bridges doubled down on that with his debut EP New Places. Where the former capably demonstrated the San Juan Capistrano native’s abilities as a skilled interpreter… Continue reading Benny Bridges- “Feeling Better”