Top Tracks: Lauran Hibberd- “Eliza”

Scrutinizing the finer, more minute points of Lauran Hibberd’s three-minute indie pop/rock blast “Eliza” seems totally pointless. This isn’t the song made to win heaps of critical plaudits or speak truth to some monolithic power. The British singer’s latest effort is meant to be, as she she says herself, “fun.” “It’s the dancing around in… Continue reading Top Tracks: Lauran Hibberd- “Eliza”


Honey Harper- “Secret”

Even if indie folk/country crooner Honey Harper wasn’t giving voice to how damn difficult and confusing love can be, it would be clear from the tone of his vocal work. On the sweetly somber “Secret,” Harper sounds like Bob Dylan circa Nashville Skyline with an extra dose of longing. But instead of any gently bending pedal steel… Continue reading Honey Harper- “Secret”


Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (S U R V I V E)- “Walkin’ in Hawkins”

Season two of Stranger Things is almost upon us and who the hell knows if it’s going to be nearly as good as the first season of the show. The type of cultural dominance S1 had is the lightning in a bottle moment that often only happens once. What’s in the realm of the known, at… Continue reading Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (S U R V I V E)- “Walkin’ in Hawkins”

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John Maus- “Teenage Witch”

Over the course of his career, John Maus has had the phrase “willfully weird” appended to him. Perhaps he gets that because of the Ariel Pink connection or because he’s actually kinda weird. But the remarkable thing about his latest track, “Teenage Witch,” is how “unweird it is.” The main rhythm of the song is… Continue reading John Maus- “Teenage Witch”


Hamilton Leithauser- “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)” ft. Angel Olsen

Even now, Hamilton Leithauser plying his grainy vocal work in a late-50s/early 60s pop style is incredible to hear. Dude’s responsible for “The Rat,” one of the most blistering punk tunes of the 21st century. And now he’s dueting with Angel Olsen on a perfectly sentimental torch song that couldn’t be farther away from the… Continue reading Hamilton Leithauser- “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)” ft. Angel Olsen


YG Hootie- “The City” ft. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar sounds too relaxed and too comfortable. Maybe it’s the year in general he’s having (DAMN. just won AOTY at the BET Awards and is still the best reviewed record of 2017) or maybe it’s the lush West Coast trap track that YG Hootie and DJ FU offered up to him. It’s the sort of… Continue reading YG Hootie- “The City” ft. Kendrick Lamar