Miles from Kinshasa- “Overboard”

Wherein the title of the track by the south London-based performer is a remarkable misnomer. Miles from Kinshasa’s new “rumba pop” effort doesn’t go overboard. It doesn’t spill out of bounds or draw outside the lines. It’s a song of somewhat insular restraint. His desire  to “go overboard,” set to an aquatic burble, is a… Continue reading Miles from Kinshasa- “Overboard”


Lindstrøm- “Shinin” ft. Grace Hall

There likely wouldn’t still be an audience for Norwegian producer Lindstrøm more than decade since he got started if he didn’t make his brand of “space disco” sound so damn effortless. His new album, It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, is meant to play out as one long track across multiple sides of vinyl but single… Continue reading Lindstrøm- “Shinin” ft. Grace Hall


Top Tracks: Cults- “I Took Your Picture”

Enigmatic indie-pop duo Cults has been kicking around since the start of the decade but the group hasn’t issued a new record since 2013’s somewhat middling Static. They seem to be rectifying both the long silence and lackluster sophomore album with new album Offering and songs such as “I Took Your Picture.” As a Cults song, “I… Continue reading Top Tracks: Cults- “I Took Your Picture”

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Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos

More of this please. More of Gucci and the Migos crew trading bars over an unsettlingly minor key beat that scans as a trap re-interpolation of a horror soundtrack. More of Gucci saying he needs to go to rehab because “I’m addicted to cash.” More talk of brain “good enough to graduate.” More of Migos… Continue reading Top Tracks: Gucci Mane- “I Get the Bag” ft. Migos