Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker- “I Heard Them Singing”

Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker-I Heard Them Singing

The effortless East meets West internationale folk instrumental jam that is “I Heard Them Singing” sounds like it started well before anyone hit record and that it kept long after a producer said “cut.” What Chicago guitarists Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker have given listeners with this offering from their second “duet” album is something that could be called both timeless and borderless without the slightest bit of embellishment. There’s no dating or placing this earthy commingling of American style fingerpicking on a requinto guitar with hypnotic tabla playing. The duo call the Second City home but their music is truly scattered in the winds.

SpiderBeetleBee comes out October 20. Pre-order the duo’s record right here.


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