Heaters- “Thanksgiving II”

Heaters- Thanksgiving II

The swirl. The swirl is a particular sound that any psych-rock tinged band has to get right if it actually wants to be worth a damn. A mix of chiming guitars and specks of synth and rattling percussion and distanced vocals, the swirl needs to be enveloping but not totally overwhelming. It needs to be both transformative and transportative.

On new single “Thanksgiving II,” the second offering from third LP Matterhorn, the Grand Rapids group Heaters gets the swirl exactly right. The song’s vocals drift all around the mix and never settle in one spot for too long. Those guitars keep chiming and unspooling bits of reverb. The bass rumbles enough to let listeners know there signs of life in this sonic wonderland. They know the swirl well and it’s entrancing to stand right in the middle of.

Matterhorn is out October 20 and is available for pre-order via Bandcamp.


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