TWINKIDS- “Body Wonder”

TWINKIDS-Body Wonder

The L.A. electronic pop duo TWINKIDS declares that its new single “Body Wonder” focuses on “romantic desperation.” And that’s abundantly clear from the lines they deliver about “starving every day for your love” and “drowning in your love.” Seemingly everything is either feast or famine in the lyrics, sometimes both simultaneously. This body wonder is both a fantasy and an overwhelming nightmare. There’s not much in the way of balance or equilibrium and that only serves to feed the sense of desperation.

Not that any of those lovestruck lyrics are essential for understanding this is a song all about “romantic desperation.” That comes across in the performance the duo turns in. It’s hard to pick out a moment on the track where they don’t come across as crestfallen. The chorus, while polished with cavernous drum sounds and synth waves large enough to swallow up a lighthouse, is an open wound where Gene Fukui and Matt Young stretch out the word “looooove” until it’s no longer recognizable. Hell, at this point in the song it may no longer be love that they’re singing about.


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