FUR- “Not Enough”

FUR- Not Enough

Sock hops and slow dances. Driving late at night with the radio on next to someone you’re absolutely swooning over. The Roadhouse but without all the bikers fights and spectral presences lurking in the woods nearby. Those are just a few of the images gently shook loose by FUR’s romantic indie rock slowjam “Not Enough.” With its regimented drum blasts and woozy guitar chords it’s a song more at ease in the early-60s than the late-2010s where raw honesty is often displaced by closely guarded cynicism. And bless the Brighton band for going that route because hearing echoing lines about simply laughing with a loved one is a true delight. In fact, all over those things mentioned above are true delights as well. There’s an unabated joy in the simple things and FUR’s latest tune adroitly showcases that.

Listen to “Not Enough” here and check out previous single “Trying” below.


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