Frankie Rose- “Dyson Sphere”

Frankie Rose-Dyson Sphere

Frankie Rose’s new single “Dyson Sphere” is sleek. From the first second, the synthpop-indebted number is zooming along a dimly lit neon track at night with a sturdy bassline and guitar chimes to propel it. The luster to the synth is unmistakable. The way she moves into the poppy chorus is the work of a seasoned vet. The preciseness of the percussion, though somewhat muted, can’t be ignored.

Though maybe how sleek the song is or how carefully Rose constructed it should be ignored so that some of her concealed lines can come to the forefront. One of the first things Rose mentions in the song is “We’re getting lost, all in a hivemind” and once you realize what she’s saying you can’t unhear that. Individuation with the “post-Millennial generation” has gone off a cliff. And while some might celebrate there being less “snowflakes” in the world, that’s not a great thing. Individuality drives progress and innovation and creativity. Staring at a tiny blue-lit screen for hours on end doesn’t. Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and Sarahah are certainly sleek, social media apps have to be or they wither on the vine. But sleekness alone isn’t enough to subsist on. Rose seems to know that well and she beautifully demonstrates that knowledge on a song that is both sleek and substantive.



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