DOOM- “Notebook 00- Negus” ft. Sean Price

DOOM- Negus

Kneel before the rap supervillain and praise him for deigning to bless us with some “new” shit that’s vicious enough to make Michael Myers blush. For the next 14 weeks the masked one, better known as DOOM, is gonna be dropping tracks from forthcoming albums and features with artists such Jay Electronica and the late-Sean Price. The latter partners up with DOOM on “Negus,” the first offering from The Missing Notebook Rhymes, and it knocks. Hard.

The track’s got a skronk that isn’t unheard of in Metal Face’s universe but this time it’s a squealing guitar figure that sounds like it was ripped from a movie scene where someone’s just discovered a horrific murder scene and is now reeling in terror. If that sounds a touch hyperbolic, just listen to the damn thing and hear Sean Price talk about “shooting at your moms” and dealing out some vehicular homicide. Or peep DOOM driving a boat out in deep water and letting some unnamed unfortunate get better acquainted with the ocean floor. If every week is gonna be this unyielding it’s gonna be exhausting but also exhilarating.

Adult Swim is sponsoring this bonkers endeavor and you can find all the tracks here.



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