Cassie- “Love a Loser” ft. G-Eazy

Cassie- Love a Loser

Cassie’s “Love a Loser,” the seriously underappreciated R&B artist’s first effort since 2013, is self-assured and self-confident and committed to self-love but rendered in such a way that slivers of self-doubt still creep in. She’s saying all the “right things” about preferring to “lose a lover” rather than “love a loser,” about not wanting to waste her time with someone who’s unwilling to give her time. But a central conceit of Cassie’s latest track is that this particular part of life is blurring together in such a way that discernment is way more difficult. “I can’t tell,” she repeatedly whispers over the almost ambient R&B boom-bap production. Saying that “you’re gonna get right,’ that next time it’ll be different is so much easier in theory than in actual execution.

Hopefully this means we’ll be a new Cassie record before the year is out.


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