Sleep ∞ Over- “Don’t Wanna Hide”

Sleep Infinity Over- Dont Wanna Hide

On the slinky and modernistic R&B cut “Don’t Wanna Hide,” Sleep ∞ Over (aka Stefanie Franciotti) sounds almost non-existent. Her vaporous lines get buried underneath mounds of echo effects, reverb, whooshing robo noises, aqueous bass and skittering percussion. Multiple lines go unfinished or end in exhalations. Franciotti is  singing on this track so she’s not actually hiding. It’s more the case that she’s peering out from around a corner to see if it’s safe to come out. She’s checking on whether or not the dust has settled on whatever past disaster had her hiding in the first place. In a note on Facebook, Franciotti shared that “Hopefully this is the first step toward me not being a walking, talking ball of insecurity and releasing music again.” It might be a tentative first step but it’s totally compelling.


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