Nathan Ball- “Waste of Time”

Nathan Ball- Waste of Time

Nathan Ball’s new surging pop-rock single “Waste of Time” is a total delight to listen to. Relying on some chiming Real Estate style guitars and a driving bassline, the Englishmen’s made a joyous low-stakes effort that doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel but rather pick a lane and own it. In this case, Ball’s speeding down that lane at a 120 MPH per in the middle of the night trying to escape whatever heartache that’s presently ailing him. “I’ve been driving around all night,” he announces at the end of each chorus. “Waste of Time” comes with that same kind of feeling. It’s a totally familiar experience but one that’s invigorating just the same.

(Listen to “Waste of Time” on Clash’s site here now and check out Ball’s previous single, “Cold Hands,” below.)



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