Kyle Hall- “Teacher Plant”

Kyle Hall-Teacher Plant

For having a thoroughly electronic baseline, Kyle Hall’s latest track “Teacher Plant” is a remarkably natural and organic effort. Part of that has to do with the Detroit house producer’s intent to craft an ode to “the earth and its plant based life forms that give us sustenance, nurturing, and knowledge through both its cultivation, observation, and consumption.” But even if we didn’t have that eco-minded message from Hall that might well be the mood that comes to mind. Hall includes all of the requisite snaps and handclaps and blissfully melodic squelches that help make Detroit house music what it is but it’s the little keyboard runs and wafts of Fender Rhodes organ that help to keep this thing deeply rooted in the earth. It’s hard to move your feet and dance to the music if you’re not still firmly on the ground.

Hall was recently given the “Spirit of Detroit” award which just further goes to show how much he’s repping for his city and its house legacy.


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