Four Tet- “Planet”

Four Tet-Planet

The warm and inviting headspaces that Kieran Hebdan crafts as Four Tet can lure you in a matter of seconds. The way the synthesizers bubble. The way the carefully mined samples float around the mix. The way the pillowy drums never stop but never leave one exhausted. All of it adds up to become a total aural delight that you don’t ever want to bid adieu to. It’s that immersive.

New one-off track “Planet” is on that plane of Four Tet tracks. Right away the song places listeners somewhere wonderful and invigorating. The percussion gets the blood pumping but it’s the vibrating strings and vocal sighs Hebdan includes that deserve the lion’s share of attention. They keep it grounded and give the electro effort its greatest sense of humanity. It’s enough for Four Tet’s to sound ahead of the curve, which it is, quite another for it come off as completely grounded as well. That Hebdan so easily does both is a true testament to his immense talents as a producer.

Hebdan hasn’t shared any album release plans for 2017 but it’s starting to feel like one is coming.



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