Achromatic Residue- “Player One Start”

Achromatic Residue- 8 Bit Trap Vol. 1

Achromatic Residue’s “Player One Start,” the opening track to new EP 8-Bit Trap Vol. 1, has exactly zero subtlety to it. It sounds like a malfunctioning copy of the original Tetris being trampled by speed-addled teens during a Purity Ring concert. To say it starts at 11 would be wholly inaccurate. This thing starts at about 1000 and only goes up from there. Before the first second has even finished deliberately chintzy synths are firing off in every conceivable direction. Residue’s drum machine’s walloping you across the face like Super Punch Out’s Piston Hurricane. About 30 seconds in the bass drops and the moment feels like being led through a multi-level hall of mirrors and then be hurled off the top. Every moment here is a push, a shove, a rush, a whoosh, a total and unrelenting thrill. Any number of hyperbolic descriptors doesn’t do the same amount of justice as actually strapping in and enjoying this careening ride of controlled 8-bit chaos.

8-Bit Trap Vol. 1 is available on Bandcamp now for any price.


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