Top Tracks: Kelela- “LMK”

Kelela- LMK

Though she’s already dropped two indelible records of gripping and forward-thinking R&B, the artist known as Kelela is just now getting around to dropping her debut studio album entitled Take Me Apart. And she’s premiering it with a damn fine first single.

“LMK” is certainly one of Kelela’s livelier tracks to date. Her vocals, appended to a sultry backdrop of wobbly synth and thumping trap-esque percussion, are marked by clear conviction as opposed to any uncertainty or sulleness. And there’s never really a single moment in the song’s three-and-a-half minute runtime where she stops singing. While she starts with the somewhat defeatist “Look I give up right away,” there’s no sign that Kelela’s actually gonna call it quits. Instead, she keeps going and delivers one of her best efforts to date. It’s a song that starts with a tinge of doubt and ends with Aaliyah-like resolutions. While she does already have a distinct discography, there’s almost a chasm between this and what’s come before.

There’s no official release date for Take Me Apart yet but be on the lookout for one.


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