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Top Tracks: Bully- “Feel the Same”

Bully-Feel the Same

Slackness and existential levels of ennui are always going to be staples of indie rock music. Rock, on some level, functions as a way to express if not combat such dissatisfactions so it only makes sense that bands would feel the pull to put those feelings on wax. That’s what Nashville punk band Bully does with “Feel the Same” and damn if they don’t get listlessness exactly right. On the the first single from sophomore album Losing, Alicia Bognanno’s describing a series of perfectly common events (getting a haircut, getting off by yourself, chatting with a friend) with almost zero delight. They feel more like burdens and impediments than anything else. It calls to mind “Longview” by Green Day but perhaps a touch more languid.

Not that that carries over to the music at all though. The band constructs an unshowy riff here that could bulldoze any indifference right out of the way. Stewart Copeland’s drumming is insistent and rarely even stops moving for something as commonplace as a fill. It’s as if they’re doing everything in their power to if not eliminate all this ennui than at least temper it. None of this should necessarily feel thrilling but it absolutely is.

Losing is out October 20 on Sub Pop and here’s hoping it’s a monster.


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