Naomi Wild- “Lessons”

Naomi Wild- Lessons

While not a decisively gendered phenomenon, labelling a woman as “crazy” post-breakup is a move that wayyy too many noxious dudes have done. Besides being lazily misogynist (it’s basically one-step removed from saying someone’s “hormonal”), it cheapens mental health discourse and gives a pass for taking individual ownership of the failure in question because such dissolutions are never the fault of just one party.

On the brooding and darkly melodic “Lessons” Naomi Wild doesn’t just take some personal responsibility. Wild goes a step further and basically responds to the accusation of being “crazy” with a defiant “Yeah? So what?” She’s refusing to let someone else take whatever deficiencies she might have and use them as a weapon against. “You trying to put on, I don’t think that’s real baby,” she intones across the slithering trap production. Those kinds of cheap shots are only bringing the LA-artist greater clarity. Wild’s got herself right. Whatever problems someone has with her isn’t her fault in the least bit.

“Lessons” is out now through 20xx which has been putting out some great music as of late.


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