Circuit des Yeux- “Paper Bag”

Circuit Des Yeux-Paper Bag

There’s an understandable tendency to call certain strains of electronic and experimental music “futuristic” or “forward-thinking,” in part, because they seemingly stand out of step with present trends and times. Quite often, even at its liveliest, such music is various shades of gray if not totally pitch black. Works from artists such as Burial or Forest Swords or Ben Frost suggest a future that’s at best broken and at worst completely and totally collapsed.

Haley Fohr’s work as Circuit des Yeux is unquestionably experimental and focused on the future but there isn’t a second of new “single” “Paper Bag” that suggests we should fear what’s to come. Taking a quote from writing royalty Joan Didion that “It was once suggested to me that, as an antidote to crying, I put my head in a paper bag,” Fohr finds entire worlds to explore. Some of them can be found at the bottom of plain brown paper bag. Others, as suggested by the stereo-panning retro synth sounds, can be found on planets far from our. The unfettered acoustic strumming she introduces partway through portends that even digging into the ground beneath your feet can yield a world of wonderment. The future sure is bright but there’s plenty of light to be found in our present age. And uncompromising auteurs such as Circuit des Yeux can help us find it.

Circuit des Yeux’s new album, Reaching for Indigo, is out October 20 on Drag City and is available for pre-order here. Check out the tracklist below.

01. “Brainshift”
02. “Black Fly”
03. “Philo”
04. “Paper Bag”
05. “A Story Of This World Part II”
06. “Call Sign E8”
07. “Geyser”
08. “Falling Blonde”


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