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Top Tracks: Trapo- “Love Me Anyway” ft. Two Another

Trapo-Love Me Anyway

Madison, Wisconsin rapper Trapo’s “Love Me Anyway”  is smoother and more subtly refined than any track from a relative up-and-comer has any business being. It’s not just that the production from London’s Two Another floats right in that sweet spot between knocking and zoned-out vibing. Getting that balance right would be enough of an accomplishment because that’s an aesthetic certain producers work at for a long time.

“Love Me Anyway” is also such a marvel because Trapo sounds so seasoned and comfortable for someone who has one album to his name. Part of it is absolutely the voice, a touch raspy and wizened like Isaiah Rashad, but it’s also how Trapo uses it. He elongates words such as “hallwaaay” while cutting others short. He’s consistently hitting the pocket of the beat in a way that certain rappers in 2017 have just given up on doing (Kendrick being a high-profile example). And that all makes what he’s saying even more devastating. He’s promising to be more honest, open and transparent while knowing that that might not be enough to get back what’s been lost. Of everything that makes this song sound so remarkably mature that might be the best example.


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