Love Ssega- “Crazy Deluded”

Love Ssega-Crazy Deluded

Of all the attendant b.s. that can accompany the dissolution of a relationship one of the worst things is a rapid rise in self-doubt. Not just questions along the lines of “Is this all my fault?” or “What could I have done better?” but “Is this a referendum on me as a living breathing human?” Questions such as that aren’t nearly as easy to brush off.

They’re the types of questions that form the basis of Love Ssega’s propulsive dance pop cut “Crazy Deluded.” Over a rubbery bassline and metronomic percussion, the British-Ugandan artist is wondering if the terminus of his relationship signals that he’s been living in a perpetual state of delusion. Ssega can’t help but think “Have I gotten it all wrong?” Not just this particular relationship but his general approach. And though the hyperactive production with its chintzy synths can mask some of this self-doubt, they can’t hide everything. These are the sorts of doubts and delusions that don’t drop off after a few minutes or hours or days or weeks, these can linger if you let them.


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