Ella Vos- “In Your Corner”

Ella Vos- In Your Corner

Meaningful commitment to anything is exceedingly difficult. It requires discipline, genuine care and concern for whatever you’re committing to, resolve and more patience than any single person probably has in their reservoir. Commitment to another person is of course even more difficult because, I don’t know if you know this, people can be wholly unpredictable and irrational and messy in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with tidiness.

In music, particularly pop music, making commitment compelling is its own Herculean effort. Pop music takes on commitment risk tipping over into schmaltz or are in jeopardy of becoming entirely unrelatable. Right now you could find a half a dozen songs that seem convinced just saying the word “commitment” is enough to make it work.

Ella Vos’ stunning synthpop/R&B ballad “In Your Corner” doesn’t make that mistake. It’s clear in the carefully strummed, feathery song that Vos knows this shit is hard. It’s akin to “walking in the wind” and there will be times that things seem like they’re falling apart. And they may well be and it could be the case that commitment isn’t enough to rectify what’s wrong. Vos all but makes that clear in this sentimental slow jam. But real, genuine commitment is as good as anything it trying to get it right.

Vos’ debut album is out later this year.


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