BÊNNÍ- “Stardance”


May slow-creeping synth music with wobbly bass and emotionally detached robo vocals never go out of vogue. May it never disappear from our movies, our games and most certainly not from our smash-hit Netflix shows. May the music gods continue to smile favorably upon it and bless its sleek, automated trek down the road to Metropolis. It’s a hypnotic style that not only suggests other times yet unseen but other worlds yet unexplored as well. If you need any reminder of that, just look at the art for the New Orleans-based Bênní’s new album I & II. That sure is shit a world yet unexplored. One that’s probably not safe for landing, like the weird water world in Interstellar but it’s one that songs such as “Stardance” sound damn inviting. With his Zapp & Roger style vocal effects, Bênní all but sells you on booking the first flight to wherever that locale is. Mars. Mercury. Venus. Doesn’t matter. If it’s gonna be as simply alluring as this song is, it’ll be worth the trip. Unless you burn up down atmospheric entry.


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