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Top Tracks: Smileswithteeth-“June”

SmilesWithTeeth-Suddenly Constantly

You know the feeling of indescribable joy? The sort of wave of happiness that washes over you and you have no idea what emotional tide brought it in? It’s a strange and sublime thing because that kind of contentment has to come from somewhere. Such intense emotions don’t just materialize out of thin air right?

“June,” by the burgeoning Smileswithteeth,” has that sense of unbridled joy and air of mystery. Even after a few listens, I’m still not sure what about the Montreal producer’s track makes me smile so damn much just that it does. Maybe it’s the FlyLo circa¬†Until the Quiet Comes percussive chiming and twinkling. Could well be the wordless vocals that alight on your soul and warm every intangible inch of it. The masterful sense of rhythm is another possible culprit. This thing keeps moving but never at a pace that makes it hard for people catch up. Fluttering is perhaps a more apt descriptor than flying. Even the song’s fadeout is a thing of remarkable beauty. Most of the beat dies down and we’re left in the remaining glow as a few strings are plucked and echo into the ether. It’s a serene moment, one of about a half-dozen in the track’s three minutes. And rather than explain it, it’s best to just listen and bask in it.

Smileswithteeth’s new EP,¬†Suddenly Constantly, is available on Bandcamp now for whatever price you’re willing to pay.


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