Secret Weapons- “Comeback Season”

Secret Weapons- Comeback Season

You can be forgiven for hearing Brooklyn synthpop duo Secret Weapons and thinking of about a dozen different late-80s/early-90s acts sitting at the nexus of synth music, R&B and new jack swing. Hell there are moments late in the irresistibly chipper “Comeback Season” that recall a reinterpretation of those specific styles by Tom Krell on How to Dress Well’s lamentably underrated Total Loss. Viewed from a weird angle, it’s possible to see Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig singing this if he deigned to go full-bore R&B act.

Ok that last one might be a slight stretch but the point stands that Secret Weapons’ work here recalls a lot. Which is always a dicey proposition for a burgeoning act. Too much of its influences and people will ditch the band in question for the genuine article. The whole trick for an artist is to take what they’ve been listening to and transmogrifying into something wholly special, something individualized and real. By infusing this airy and ebullient track with an unshakable hope and even steadier melodies, Secret Weapons ably execute the trick. At the beginning countless other artists may well come to mind but by the end you’re only thinking of Secret Weapons.

Secret Weapons has a debut album dropping August 18 on Epic Records.



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