Purity Ring- “Asido”

Purity Ring- Asido

Even now, some five years after their debut, it seems semi-improbably that Purity Ring are still making music. Not that Megan James and Corin Roddick don’t have the talent or ability to keep going, they certainly do. It’s just everything that the Canadian duo has done so far has had such an intimate, personal feel to it that it was hard to imagine how they could still have any emotional wherewithal left to continue. After all, this was a band that began by demanding listeners “get a little closer” and “cut open my sternum.”

That quiet-not-so-quiet intensity is smeared all over the big, gleaming new single “Asido.” The behemoth bass rumbles and assassin-like drum strikes are still going strong. Here now, James is gently exhaling about feeling “as lonely as I do.” In a statement, James said that “Asido” imagines ” a tractor digging graves,” “crying blood” and “eggs being swept away in it.” And if James doesn’t outright say any of that, the emotional brutality she’s hinting at is almost unmistakable. Loneliness and abandonment can absolutely feel like the apocalypse to an individual. If that’s the case for James here, then what comes next?



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