Sara Hartman- “Dance with a Ghost”

Sara Hartman-Dance with a Ghost

“Better to dance alone than to dance with a ghost.” So goes the central thesis of folk-pop singer Sara Hartman’s galloping tune “Dance with a Ghost.” The resolute song hits upon the idea from numerous angles and prisms without ever losing sight of the idea. Trying to hang onto something that’s vanished into thin air doesn’t do the least bit of good. It’s an understandable temptation of life for certain. No one likes loss or letting go. We don’t, by very nature, like being alone wherever we go.

But sometimes that’s what required. Sometimes you need to get out on the floor all by yourself and dance your ass off. You need to not shy away from eating meals solo or buying a movie ticket for one. While Hartman might not be seeing a matinee of The Beguiled by herself, she’s absolutely doing everything to find solace in self. She’s past dancing for or with other people for the time being. With her slightly aching vocals, she’s finding some of the funny in it all. Dancing alone is certainly easier when you have a sense of humor about it.

[You can hear Hartman’s tune here now.]



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