A-Trak- “Believe” ft. Quavo & Lil Yachty


It shouldn’t be a surprise that a track by producer/Fool’s Gold label A-Trak featuring Quavo and Lil Yachty is pure, unadulterated joy. That’s basically been Yachty’s resting state since day 1 and Quavo’s deceptively simple flow sounds good even when he’s saying some menacing shit. So the two of them together giving us bright and shiny trap is almost a foregone conclusion.

And that’s exactly what “Believe” is. It’s a beaming, vaporous trap tune that has the aforementioned rappers trading bars about how deeply and unwaveringly they believe in their respective lady friends. And how they believe in themselves to conquer whatever obstacle comes there way. It’s borderline corny at points, especially with that chintzy beat coming in and out of frame, but also goofily endearing. Or as “endearing” as a song that mentions egg rolls and vacuuming can be.


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