Oneohtrix Point Never- “Leaving the Park”

Oneohtrix Point Never-Leaving the Park

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin already won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for his score for the forthcoming crime flick Good Time so there shouldn’t really have been much of a question about how good it would actually be. They don’t exactly just hand out awards at Cannes to whomever shows up, it’s not the MTV Video Music Awards.

Still, it’s genuinely impressive how compelling the music is even entirely removed from the context of the film. “Leaving the Park” starts with what could be considered a bright promise in the OPN oeuvre with a few wispy synth sounds before locking into a hypnotic figure that only grows in quiet menace as it gathers latenight detritus. Without knowing the context for the scene, it’s easy to imagine this playing as a moment of relative calm descends into madness and horror. Or it could weirdly be a moment of unnerving calm and resoluteness. Lopatin’s work as Oneohtrix Point Never has always suggested endless possibilities which is why it’s perfect for the cinematic landscape.


[Listen to “Leaving the Park” on Oneohtrix Point Never’s website and look for the soundtrack and film to hit on August 11.]


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