Joji- “Rain on Me”

Joji- Rain on Me

Making simplicity interesting isn’t, well, simple. “Simple” things can be unsatisfying, unfulfilling, tedious and outright boring. Simplicity done poorly can lead to asking “Is that it? Is that really all there is?”

George “Joji”¬†Miller’s somnolent piano tune “Rain on Me” is remarkably simply in construction but doesn’t beg either of the those proposed questions. Essentially all it is, for a good stretch, is Miller faintly singing the title over some understated keys as a light spring drizzle goes on in the background. On paper that reads as remarkably flat but it’s actually quite engaging and transportive. It takes you to a place of calm and serenity with just a tad bit uncertainty lingering in the distance. “Rain on Me”‘s a simple track expressing simple ideas in expert fashion.

Pigeons and Planes is big on Joji and you can check out an interview they did with him here.



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