Baltra- “Up 2 You”

Baltra-Up 2 You

Inserting any sense of wistfulness into the DNA of a song that’s meant to move uninhibited isn’t exactly easy. The sentimental has a way, sometimes, of slowing things down. Adding a bit of [figurative] weight can be a burden.

NYC-based producer Baltra isn’t the least bit encumbered by this on his new track “Up 2 You.” The effort for UK-label Tape Throb is built upon a kinetic drum pattern but also incorporates a tender synth melody and warm vocal sighs into its schematics. In that way, it sort of splits the difference between house and techno. It neither forgoes movement nor emotionality. And by melding the two together, Baltra’s given us something that can last long after the club lights go out.

Baltra has a new tape out August 15.


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