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Top Tracks: Mønic- “Deep Summer” (Burial Remix)

Monic- Deep Summer

The idea of weathered, apocalyptic post-dubstep producer Burial crafting a remix to a song called “Deep Summer” is laughable to say the least but we get precious few dispatches from the enigmatic artist and nothing he’s done has been a joke in any way.

Not that Burial’s rework of Mønic’s track is deadly serious, just heavy in that particularly Burial type of way. The song languishes at a BPM that would barely register on a heart monitor. There are lots of rumbles and what sounds like wind rustling through abandoned buildings and chirruping birds and disembodied vocals whispering ellipses. Some of the English artist’s more recent work has excised the soulfully manipulated vocals that made 2013’s Rival Dealer such a high-water mark so it’s a true thrill to hear them back in full effect with “Deep Summer.” And as truly shocking as it was to hear robotic soul appended to 1980s dance sounds on parts of Rival Dealer, it’s just as much a jolt to hear him pair such haunting vocals with lively tropical percussion. Any new Burial is perhaps good Burial but it’s a particular thrill when that new work is such a terrific modification of what’s been made before.




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