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Top Tracks: Skelecta- “Princess Peach”

Skelecta- Princess Peach

Yes the very marrow of this track consists of 8-Bit bleeps and bloops from games you may well have spent entire days trying to conquer when you were a kid. And, yes, Bomberman and Princess Peach and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden are on the Nintendo-aping cover. Now that those novelties have warn off, enjoy the damn song.

The way this song tectonically shifts around its warm samples is a thing of beauty. Just when one dubby squelchy is starting to overwhelm there’s an audible “yahoo” from Mario and it’s off to the races again. And to temper what could well be way too much good cheer and goofiness, Skeletca knows exactly how much bass to put in your face. It’s never quite enough to cause a heart palpitation but the rumble’s unmistakable. That sort of balancing act is its own small reward, like finding a secret tunnel in the underground zone and getting to skip ahead a world or two.

Skelecta’s Princess Peach EP drops July 11 and is available here.


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