Panoram- “Polyglot Dreaming”

Panoram- The Question

Sometimes there’s an inescapable need for music to nod off to. Music to decompress and detune and float away with. Sometimes it’s absolutely urgent to listen to some shit that has no sense of urgency itself.

In those types of moments, when maxing and relaxing is paramount, what Panoram offers on a track such as “Polyglot Dreaming” is ideal. It’s built on a rubbery fourth-generation synth tone that seems to be slipping off the track altogether and is backed by a drumbeat that’s nearly as muffled as the half-formed conversations flittering through the song. Those little snippets of dialogue jog memories but don’t really bring back much. All there is is the feeling that this has been heard and seen before. That everything that’s happening has already been. And that’s what makes Panoram’s effort so calming: the sense of familiarity, no matter how blurry and warped it might be.

Panoram’s new EP, The Question, comes out July 24 and will be available on Bandcamp.


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