D∆WN- “Gravity”

Dawn- Break Me

When we last heard from preternaturally gifted R&B artist D∆WN, she was painfully singing about how the ones who know us the best are the most capable of cutting the deepest. “Break Me”‘s central sentiment, delivered over sonorous bass and tidal synthesizer, was almost overwhelming at times and D∆WN’s wounded performance was a big part of the reason why.

Her follow-up single, “Gravity,” still finds her in a vulnerable place though she’s not nearly as bare as before. Yes she’s pleading with gravity to be kind because she’s “been through so much shit,” but she’s also quick to tell prospective love interests that she no longer trusts love. While that can read as its own sort of crestfallen, she doesn’t sound the least bit dour in singing the line as house and salsa-tinged chimes clang behind her. If anything, it’s a remarkable growth. The past wounds are healing and D∆WN’s doing her damnedest to keep from getting hurt again.

D∆WN hasn’t announced any plans to follow up 2016’s stellar Redemption LP but she’s certainly starting to build the material for it.



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