Cina Polada- “Gloom”

Cina Polada-Gloom

It’s so damned easy to feel lost. Considering the sheer size of our planet and population (7.347 billion) can bring on an isolating feeling because it bears out that we just are one of millions upon billions. Thinking about the arcs of our own lives will do it as well. Past mistakes are amplified and scrutinized and fretted over and endlessly regretted until we think no one could possibly be as stupid in their decision making as us. Future plans are anxiety ridden and feared and worried about and you start to feel adrift when trying to figure out just where the hell you’ll be five years from now.

While the interloping jangle and dream pop of Cina Polada’s “Gloom” doesn’t feel lost or anxious or uncertain, what’s being delivered definitely does. In short succession, there’s a line from the Finnish indie act about being a waste of time and not knowing “how I feel.” It’s such a plainspoken and unfettered line that at first listen it drifts as leisurely by as the song’s surf rock guitars. But once heard, it’s unmistakable. For all of the sunny, chiming production there’s a recognition of darkness as well. But even in the dark, people can find their way out.

Cina Polada’s debut self-titled EP is out September 29 through Strangers Candy.


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