Billie Eilish- “watch”

Billie Eilish

Some of the best love songs in pop music aren’t particularly known for their nuance. That’s somewhat attributable to the fact that love isn’t exactly a nuanced emotion but also people aren’t often looking for their pop to be measured.

The sheer beauty of Billie Eilish’s new single “Watch” is that it’s unmistakably lovestruck while still ably managing a degree of measure and nuance. One of the first lines on the mid-tempo piano ballad has Eilish realizing “if we were meant to be, we would’ve been by now.” On the range of the pop music spectrum, that’s far closer to “I may not always love you” than it is to “We be all night, love.” That’s not an easy thing to admit when your heart’s skipping beats over this grand, majestic love you’ve found. It’s far easier to embrace it all and put out the flames from the fiery wreckage later. What Eilish does here is far more difficult but just as lovely and just as pleasing to the pop music palette.

“watch” is just Eilish’s fifth single which makes what she does here even more impressive. No word about an EP or full-length album yet but I’d imagine something will be coming soon off of the strength of songs such as this.


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