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Top Tracks: Samantha Urbani- “Go Deeper”

Samantha Urbani- Go Deeper

“Go Deeper,” Samantha Urbani’s lustrous new single, is a steadfast refusal to stop feeling so damn much. On the new-jack swing influenced tune, Urbani dares to believe in everything even if it means breaking apart. In the song’s snappy choruses, Urbani rightly points out that silence and inaction can create as much damage as actual physical violence. Someone else’s inaction isn’t Urbani’s concern on “Go Deeper” though. She doesn’t need another person to help make things right for her. She doesn’t need to settle or get right or dial it back a bit. For any turmoil or trouble those final ominous synths might signal, she’s gonna be just fine. Who are you to judge?

Samantha Urbani’s debut EP is out soon via Lucky Number/URU.


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