LOYAL- Reset in Colour

LOYAL- Reset in Colour

Certain sounds will almost always work. To wit, slightly icy vocals delivered with emotional distance over burbling aqueous production. It’s the stuff the still excellent¬†Drive¬†soundtrack is rife with, the stuff bands such as Chromatics can expertly churn out in spades. It’s what the group LOYAL’s new tune “Reset in Colour” is built on. There’s a twist though.

“Reset in Colour” sees singer Beth Molly Moore doing the whole midnight siren thing during the song’s more hushed verses. That stops the moment the group gets to the chorus. Then it’s all bluesy (Darkside-inspired) guitar riffs, rousing communal vocals, fervent hand-claps and sped-up piano chords. It turns the whole sleek electropop affectation on its head by suffusing what are typical shadowlands with a whole lot of light. This style can be compelling and warm too, “Reset in Colour” shows it doesn’t need to be an either/or proposition for listeners.


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