Lens Mozer- “All My Friends”

Lens Mozer- All My Friends

While it’s not necessarily the best this decade’s had to offer, Youth Lagoon’s 2011 albumĀ Year of Hibernation might well be the most perfectly realized record of the 2010s. From the first ripple of guitar and warble of Trevor Powers’ voice, the LP establishes this wonderland of warmth and nostalgia and escape from the ills of the world around you. It feels like getting lost underneath wool blankets on a wintery Saturday morning in the Midwest or like aimlessly driving across vast expanses of the interstate. It’s total comfort.

The L.A.-based Lens Mozer doesn’t sound like Youth Lagoon, his voice is a little sturdier and the music has more of a chug to it, but he creates all of those exact feelings mentioned above. “All My Friends” is a warm, sun-dazed song about taking chances as you get older and trying to find a place on this big blue marble. It’s gentle guitar-based indie pop that discovers the joy in just dancing in the daytime. You can drift away listening to this song or go and face the day with it. “All My Friends” creates worlds to explore. Not bad for a quiet bit of indie pop.

Lens Mozer’s debut LP drops later this year through Plastic Jurassic.


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