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Top Tracks: Blood Cultures- “Moon”

Blood Cultures- Moon

There’s an unflappable calm to Blood Cultures’ new single “Moon” even while a sense of longing is unmistakable. It’s the sort of mid-tempo synthpop song one could readily nod off to or have on repeat while staring out the window trying to find meaning outside of the glass. There’s a mention of trying to “play it cool” in “Moon” though it’s clear that’s a charade as much as anything. The group’s muffled vocals and the snaking guitars in the production suggest our subjects are in active avoidance mode. Staying calm, cool and collected can only work for so long. Sometimes the best way forward is to pack up and leave. And if Blood Cultures’ latest effort doesn’t bolt out of the door, it’s certainly looking for a way out.

The band’s album Happy Birthday comes out July 21 and you can find more info on Blood Cultures here.


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