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Top Tracks: White Peaks- “Good Thing Gone”

White Peaks- Good Thing Gone

There is exactly zero subtlety in “Good Thing Gone,” the new single from Matt Carrington’s electro-pop project White Peaks. Before the song’s even elapsed the one-minute mark, White Peaks’ latest tune is overrun with sonorous bass, waves of synthesizer and Carrington’s mellifluous voice singing “Girl you are the good thing gone,” with just a tinge of pain and loss. That’s the crux of the song: An unequivocally great thing is gone and has become “just another number,” another memory in the compost pile of time that will inevitably erode. There’s no longer someone to share all those fond remembrances with, not really. That’s all gone. So Carrington can’t be faulted for avoiding subtlety with this one because there’s nothing subtle about breakups or splits or conscious uncouplings or whatever the hell you wish to call them in your messy world of love and relationships. These are epochal things in people’s lives. So if White Peaks’ wants to make an epochal electro-pop song about breakups, let him.


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