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Mobb Deep- “Cop Hell”


The news that Prodigy, one half of influential rap duo Mobb Deep, died earlier this week was a gut punch to the entire hip hop community. Along with the Wu-Tang Clan and Nas, the Queensbridge group was responsible for taking NYC rap to a far darker, grimier place with both menacing lyrics and ominous beats. And the importance of that tonal shift has certainly been felt as countless peers have paid tribute.

One such compatriot is DJ Premier whose Gang Starr cohort Guru passed away a few years back. To pay homage to Prodigy, Premier’s shared the previously unreleased Mobb Deep joint “Cop Hell” which is a scathing condemnation of police brutality in the Big Apple. Not unlike N.W.A.’s “F*** Tha Police,” the track has Prodigy and Havoc imagining how they would exact revenge on officers who are extrajudicial in their approach. While it doesn’t have near the same lurching menace that they perfected on The Infamous, it still goes to show just how much firebreathing Havoc and Prodigy were capable of when they got close to a microphone.


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