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Top Tracks: The Range- “New Lots” & “With You” ft. Jim-E Stack

The Range- New Lots

Under the moniker “The Range,” James Hinton produced one of 2016’s five or 10 best records with the deeply moving, infinitely danceable Potential. Whatever soul Burial found in the vocal manipulations of magnum opus Rival Dealer was further amplified and sped up on Potential.

On his new 12″ single “New Lots”/”With You,” Hinton hasn’t lost any of that sense of soulfulness. Both tracks wonderfully showcase his ability to take an obscure YouTube sample and spin it into big-hearted dance music. The former hinges on the repetitive lover’s declaration to “keep close,” while the latter is stuck saying “with you” as though the romantic entanglement is so great that there’s no longer any individuality. In both cases, Hinton by himself and Hinton with Jim-E Stack steadily build toward an emotional release. And though the beats per minute vary greatly, the moments are remarkably similar. They’re these moments where any bit of cynicism or dourness is just drained out of you. They’re these all-encompassing moments where you just give over to love and trust in others and all of it because the music is so insistent and enveloping that avoidance is impossible. That Hinton can tap into that sort of sentimentality without being the least bit saccharine is a testament to just how talented he is as a producer.

The “New Lots”/”With You” split is available now digitally and drops as a 12″ on August 11 through Domino. 


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