Rams- “Already”


The short bio on NYC rapper Rams’ brooding, static-heavy “Already” is that it’s about his “departure from Boston” and attempts to find a footing in a newer, much larger, setting. And that tracks in the tune. Rams references being on a “different type of time lately” and the song’s dizzying swirl befits the “City That Never Sleeps.” But that would do a mild disservice to the song to only describe it in terms of getting acclimated to new environs. Part of “Already” also suggests the tension of trying to find yourself when you can’t even find your way around the block. That’s a sense of being lost that Google Maps can’t cure. Rams mentions molly at one point but it’s hard to believe that’ll help. The needs Rams unspools at the end of each chorus aren’t ably addressed by any one thing.



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