Vince Staples Talks Sprite, Dead Fish and Afro-Futurism on ‘The Daily Show’

Vince Staples Daily Show

Vince Staples is consistently one of the best interview guests anywhere in music. Dude’s wit is as sharp as Ginsu knife. He can lob comebacks in seconds flat. And his deadpan approaches Steven Wright levels of unamused.

So seeing him on the late-night shows is a total delight. He was on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night and it was, in fact, delightful. He didn’t do any new music or hype up the album that much. Instead he talked about his abiding love for Sprite, how it’s good for kids to have goldfish die because: “You have to teach your kids about loss,” what qualifies as Afro-Futurism and how the title Big Fish Theory doesn’t really mean anything. If there’s an immediate it’s him telling Trevor: “I like saying stuff about black people to white people.”

[Big Fish Theory is out this Friday. Expect a review of the record ASAP.]

Watch the clip here now.


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