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Top Tracks: Washed Out- “Hard to Say Goodbye”

Washed Out- Hard to Say Goodbye

We’re only two weeks out from Washed Out’s first record in four years (Mister Mellow) but that’s not gonna slow Ernest Greene down. Following the warped dancefloor monster “Get Lost,” Greene’s Washed Out project has returned with the equally dancefloor ready “Hard to Say Goodbye.”

Just like “Get Lost,” “Hard to Say Goodbye” has some serious summertime in the late-70s vibes tempered by a manageable amount of ache and loss. It’d be so easy to make this gliding discoteque tune all about the heartache or to only focus on the swirling melodies and pliant beats. It adeptly splits the difference and does both. That Washed Out can make a song you can easily nod your head to while having it hanging down is a testament to craft and acknowledgment that saying “see ya” doesn’t have to suck.

Mister Mellow is out June 30 via Stones Throw and is shaping to be the go-to summer soundtrack record.


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