Queens of the Stone Age- “The Way You Used to Do”

Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age have been gone for awhile now (four years to be exact) but their first song back doesn’t show the least bit of age or rust or whatever dormant bands are supposed to have when they make their return.

“The Way You Used to Do” is one of the breezier songs the band’s issued, it comes turbocharged out of the gate and cryptically details a love gone sour. The fuzzed-out riff is the kind of thing Josh Homme can slough off in his sleep though it’s still inspired and a tad frenzied. It honestly sounds like a demented cousin to the Arctic Monkeys (fitting since Homme produced the unfairly maligned Humbug). That comparison is inexact though since no one quite sounds like Queens of the Stone Age. They didn’t need to return to prove that point but we should be happy they did.

Villains is out August 25 through Matador.


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